Effective Dental SEO Services

  • Strategically putting #1 in your area
  • Unique strategies and techniques
  • Quick ranking results
  • Monthly reporting
  • Multiple keyword targeting
  • Guaranteed results


Our Mission

We are passionate about helping our clients reach all of their online and mobile goals and always aim to provide exceptional customer service to help establish a long-term relationship. Our dental SEO services involve unique on-page optimization, off-page optimization, local (maps) optimization, online marketing, targeted keyword campaigns, Facebook optimization, video optimization, app store optimization (ASO), and much more.

We have successfully published over 600 websites and native mobile apps, reaching over 6,000,000 views and downloads.

As a result of the growing demand of optimization, and all that is involved with each of our SEO & optimization services, we are currently limited in the number of full-time accounts. As a result, we do require an application for each SEO service request to be approved. Please APPLY HERE. Thank you for your patience.


How are we different?

Our team members have been providing online services since 2009 and mobile services since 2011. Our SEO and optimization experience goes beyond competing in a single city or state, in fact, we have many clients that market globally. This requires us to know the most effective strategies in order to successfully rank them ahead of hundreds of other competitors. Consequently, we get immediate results for our clients that need to rank on a local basis. This should give you confidence in us and that we can achieve any level of online presence requested.


Dental SEO Services / Off-Page Optimization

There is no exact formula for claiming high rankings in search engines, as all areas are different and so is the competition. Each of our strategies are based on many variables, this is why we perform a full analysis of your area, the competition, targeted keywords, and more. Based on the results, we put in place an aggressive plan of action.

We provide online optimization for the following:

  • Organic search results
  • Local and map listings
  • General dentist and dental keywords
  • Specific dental service keywords and/or products


Long-term Objective

Our initial objective is to get your website ranked on either page 1, the top 3 listings, or #1 for general “dentist” searches in your city (or cities). We then target your top keywords (dental services) based on your order of priority. Our goal is to have your website in front of potential patients that are searching for “dentists” in your area but also in front of those that are in need of specific services you provide i.e. dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and more.


ASO / Mobile Optimization

We provide mobile and app store optimization for the following:

1) App publishing to Apple iTunes & Google Play

2) App store campaigns

3) Search engine indexing and optimization

4) Targeted user downloads

5) In-app crosspromoting

Note: Please contact your representative for a full list of services we provide for mobile and app store optimization


Had a bad experience with other dental SEO Companies?

Unfortunately you are not alone on this, we’ve heard of multiple frustrating situations involving many other companies. We understand that you may have a hard time trusting another “SEO company” and we recognize that this problem exists. To help you overcome those concerns, we offer the following:

#1 We guarantee you full-time support by assigning an assistant that handles your account.

#2 We provide you with a direct link to a live report form which gives you access anytime to review and assure that we are doing the work you are paying for. This report is updated weekly allowing you to see the progress in real-time.

#3 We GUARANTEE results. This is a rare offer to get from any SEO company but we want to make sure you have full confidence in choosing us.

#4 We do not pay commissions on closing new SEO accounts, our team only gets paid by providing great results and by establishing long-term relationships with our clients. This dismisses any fear of a sales rep trying to earn your business but then feeling forgotten or ignored after they made the sale.

#5 We do not offer set package pricing as a “one size fits all” scenario, each clients optimization needs are unique and we base our rates on the amount of hours required each month to achieve your online and ranking goals. The hours are also provided in your quote.




Please fill out our application for approval: APPLICATION FORM